Huckleberry English

Teacher-Student Matching System

Huckleberry English School recruits students to be introduced to native-speaking teachers. This allows the teacher to concentrate solely on instructing the students. Huckleberry manages lesson times, dates locations and acts as a liaison between the students and the teachers.

Getting started

This system is advertised on a Huckleberry website. This allows prospective students to take a free trial lesson.

Trial lesson

Students studying with a particular teacher for the first time may request a 20-minute free trial lesson.
A trial lesson is held at a café or the prospective student’s place. The teacher, prospective student and a representative from Huckleberry are present at the trial lesson. ( Teacher, student and representative have to pay for drinking expenses by themselves. )

Regular lessons

After the student pays an entrance fee, Huckleberry gives the student and the teacher their each informations.
When regular lessons begin the teacher receives 2500yen per a 60-minute lesson from the student.
The student only pays the teacher directly following each lesson.
Huckleberry does not receive a percentage of the teacher’s fees, but gain all company revenue from the student introductory fees.
If a teacher needs a textbook for a student, the teacher purchases the textbook for the student. Of course the teacher charges the student for the textbook in advance or beforehand.

Student counseling / problem solving

If a student ever has any concerns or complaints about a lesson, the student informs a Huckleberry staff member and the staff member meets with the teacher to improve the lesson or resolve any problems.

Monthly Report

The teacher is requested to submit a simple Monthly Report on each student by the 5th of following month.

Cancellation Policy

If the student cancelled your lesson on the day of the lesson, at the next lesson the student will need to pay you 1,000yen on top of the lesson fee as a cancellation fee. But, if the teacher cancelled the lesson on the day of the lesson, the teacher will need to discount 1,000yen at the next lesson. (As long as the canceling information is delivered on the day before the lesson day, no cancellation fee involved.)

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